August 2016 Women’s Circle

For our August 2016 meeting, the Women’s Circle worked on two different projects:

  1. Making sandwiches for Karen House
  2. Making scarves to benefit the Family Center

Because the theme of this year’s Women’s Circle is to pursue justice and practice tolerance, we spent some time discussing homelessness and then made some sandwiches for the Karen House Catholic Worker, a shelter for women and children just across the river in St. Louis, MO.

For the rest of the time, we worked on making silk scarves that we will sell at our annual golf tournament on October 4. Our hope is that by making and selling these scarves, the Family Center is able to establish a more sustainable source of funding for our programs and projects. We enjoyed our time together creating beautiful and colorful designs! Each scarf is 100% silk and totally one-of-kind since each one is hand-dyed by one of our women. Get yours for just $20 at the golf tournament on October 4!

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