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Pennies of Hope For East Side Heart and Home Family Center

“Find a penny pick it up all day long you will have good luck.” How many of us have picked up pennies
since we were little kids with this phrase playing in our heads, wishing for luck to find us? Finding
those pennies as a kid could leave me giddy all day long. The same thing is true today for a whole
different reason.

My name is Lara Peterson & I am the new Director of Administration for the Family Center. One of
the best parts of my job is creating opportunities for people just like you to become Hope Bringers to
our community through sharing your time, talent, & treasures. This Pennies for Hope fundraiser is
just one of those Hope Bringer opportunities.

When my husband, Russell, died 7 years ago, a friend shared this Pennies
from Heaven poem with me. Ever since then I have become almost obsessed
with looking for pennies everywhere I go. And I find them A LOT! Every
penny I find seems to come at just the right time, offering me a ray of hope &
love. Those pennies go in my pocket for the day, then into a special heart
container. Each penny of the 1000s I have found have become part of a pile
of hope & love helping me remember I am never completely alone. Don’t we
all want that for our own lives & for those in this community?

At the East Side Heart & Home Family Center, we offer rays of hope to the people in this
community. So, what if instead of thinking of pennies as good luck we began to think of them
as Pennies of Hope?! “Drop a penny all day long & you will offer hope.” And then, what if we
added all of ours together to create a giant pile of hope for the people we serve? Our Pennies
of Hope fundraiser in September, which just happens to be Russell’s birthday month, is a way
for us all to do just that & raise money to support the Family Center programs.

Our goal is to raise $5500 for our programs, in honor of Russell who would have
been 55 this year. You can be one of our hope bringers in the following ways:

GATHER up all of your pennies & other coins to donate to the Family Center. You can drop
them off or we will pick them up.
MAKE a donation in honor of one of your loved ones. We’d love to hear stories of those you
have lost so please feel free to send stories to us as well.
ORGANIZE a Penny Drive at your office, school, or group – I know lots of ways to make this fun,
so reach out for ideas.
COPY what I am going to do – for every penny I find in September I will be donating $10 to the
Family Center. I find an average of 20 pennies!

Please turn in all donations by September 30.

Thank you for helping us spread hope!
Follow our progress on our website – www.familycenterestl.org

In hope & peace,
Lara Peterson, Sr. Carol, & the entire Family Center community

Have questions? Contact Lara: 618-875-7295 or larapfamilycenter@gmail.com