Women’s Circle

The Women’s Circle is an incredible group of women who are connected to the city of East St. Louis that gathers together once a month to learn, discuss, and share with each other about relevant topics and issues that affect their lives. The hope is that by building community with one another, the women will grow and mature both as individuals and as a collective group of powerful women. By supporting and encouraging each other, each participant feels empowered to use her many gifts and talents to create positive changes in her family, in our city, and in our world. Usually, the Family Center picks a year-long theme to guide the Women’s Circle. Previous years have focused on justice and tolerance, self-awareness, and mental health. This year, however, each woman has been tasked with planning and organizing a meeting or outing for the rest of the group! So far, we’ve shared a delicious, home-cooked brunch, crafted fun wine glasses, painted elephant canvases, and done a mini-workshop on gender reconciliation! We are excited to see what activities have been planned for the second half of the year!

Community and the Women's Circle

The Women’s Circle at the Family Center getting together for some camaraderie, creating support, and positive relationships to last for years to come. Always a great time getting together. 

The Women’s Circle went to Avalon Horse farm for the September gathering and everyone had a great time and made some great memories. This is just a glimpse of some of the things that happened while there!